Pricing policy

Generally speaking our fees are based on hourly rates, but we also take into account the scope and complexity of the advice required, the value of the case, the results achieved, and the responsibility associated with the handling of the case. Prior to providing any advice, we are happy to submit an estimate for the entire consultancy service or parts thereof.

For invoicing based on time, our hourly rates are as follows:


Price per hour ex VAT

Price per hour ex VAT


DKK 3,000 – 3,500

€ 400 – 470

4th year attorney

DKK 2,600

€ 350

3rd year attorney

DKK 2,400

€ 325

2nd year attorney

DKK 2,200

€ 295

1st year attorney

DKK 2,000

€ 270

3rd year assistant attorney

DKK 1,850

€ 250

2nd year assistant attorney

DKK 1,650

€ 220

1st year assistant attorney

DKK 1,450

€ 195

Legal intern

DKK 650

€ 85

(regulated 12-01-2022)

* Employees with relevant alternative experience are invoiced on the basis of overall seniority.

We provide highly specialised legal consultancy at competitive prices, and we ensure that the amount of time we spend working on your case is described in a transparent manner.