Litigation and Arbitration

KLAR Law Firm conducts legal proceedings before the municipal courts, the High Courts, the Maritime and Commercial Court and other special courts, arbitration tribunals and administrative complaint boards. We handle cases within all our areas of practice.

Our counselling includes inter alia:

  • A thorough evaluation of the case from both a legal and commercial perspective, including the client’s relation to the counterpart
  • Preparation of pleadings
  • Presentation of evidence, including documentation, examination of witnesses and experts appraisals
  • Planning and completion of oral hearings
  • Appeal options

It is a complex affair to conduct legal proceedings which often stretch over a long period of time. We find it important that our clients always have an ongoing overview of the case, both in relation to already occurred events and the next steps. We therefore recommend our clients that are involved in legal proceedings to acquire a personal client login and thereby get easy access to all relevant case files through our website.

For further information please contact:

Søren Plomgaard
Peter C. Kierkegaard

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