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KLAR In-house Support

What is In-house Support?

In-house Support is a legal consultancy support for companies, where we work as if we were employed with the company. This gives us the opportunity to deliver direct counselling with a commercial perspective without lengthy explanations. The benefit of the counseling is hereby increases and the expenses are minimized.

Constructive and cost-saving counselling 

At KLAR law firm we believe that the more we know about our customers and their fields the more value we can create for the individual company. To get to know our customers and their fields better we are gladly working at their offices. By working at their offices we meet the employees and build an informal and close relationship with them, and the employees can come by if they have any questions or considerations, which they want to discuss and clarify.

Prevention rather than fire extinguishing

Besides the insight we get into the company the customer also gets an insight in our working day and our way of thinking. It is our experience that customers which have in-house support are getting capable of spotting the legal issue which the company is facing - also before the issue becomes an actual problem.

We believe that prevention of legal disputes is essential for every company. Cases which do not seem like causing problems can end up in expensive trials. At that time it will often be too late to rectify the problems and then it is all about extinguishing the fire before the damages become too comprehensive. At KLAR we frequently see cases which costs the parties a lot of money and which could have been prevented and avoided with just a couple of hours of legal counselling.

When is In-house Support a good solution?

  • Ongoing for companies which do not have their own attorney-at-laws - e.g. as an ongoing sounding board for the management and the employees

  • During peak time for instance during acquisition and sale of companies

  • During illness or leave
  • During outsourcing of the administration of the company

What do you get with an In-house Support agreement?

  • Quick and clear answers
  • Prevention of disputes
  • A regular associated generalist with experience as in-house counsel
  • Direct access to the knowledge of specialists from KLAR law firm and the firms standard contracts
  • Flexibility as required

In which areas do we offer counselling?

KLAR law firm is a specialized law firm with mainly focus on the business world. With an In-house Support agreement a legal generalist with several years of experience as in-house counsel and as attorney-at-law will be associated . In cases which require a special expertise the relevant specialist from KLAR will be involved.

An in-house support agreement includes counselling about general commercial law disputes, mainly the following areas:

  • Human resources law
  • Marketing and personal data law
  • Intellectual property law (patents, trademarks etc.)
  • Real estate
  • Open tendering
  • Acquisition and mergers
  • Outsourcing
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts
  • Conflict resolution
  • Legal disputes
  • Handling of the company administration

The main benefits of KLAR In-house Support

In correlation to employed legal counsels

You only pay for the hours which your company needs

Access to experts among KLAR's attorney-at-laws and KLAR's paradigms

No need to pay for expenses for administration, office rent, IT-equipment etc.

In correlation to external attorney at laws

Prevention rather than fire extinguishing

A better appreciation of the customers company and their field

Minimizing of the expenses without compromising on the quality

Price model

The price model for KLAR In-house Support will be agreed from case to case. The most important is that the prices are clear for our customers. Below are listed three examples of different price models. The three price models have that in common that the customer only pays for the time used and not for standard agreements, which KLAR has already composed. If for example a question can be answered within 10 minutes through the phone, KLAR registers only 10 minutes on the case:

KLAR Hourly Rate

With KLAR Hourly Rate the customer gets invoiced every month for time spent the previous month. The price takes the standard hourly wage rate for the relevant attorney-at-law and partner as starting point, which at present comes to 2.500,00 kr. + moms for partners and 1.250, 00 kr. for attorney-at-laws.

KLAR Ticket Coupon

With a KLAR Ticket Coupon the company buys a certain number of counselling hours, which can be used within three years from the date of purchase. The ticket coupon can be purchased between 10 and 100 hours of counselling. The ticket coupon can be used for both KLAR's partners and other employees. Only the half of the spent time will be deducted from the ticket coupon if the counselling is provided by an employee. By buying the KLAR Ticket Coupon you receive discount compared to our standard hourly wage rate.

KLAR Day Agreement

KLAR Day agreement makes it possible to rent an attorney-at-law for one day. The attorney-at-law works in your company for a whole or a half day. It can also be agreed that an attorney-at-law works with the customer at the company one day, a week or every other week as required.

Our promise

The customer will experience a more direct counselling than with the traditional law firms

The customer will experience serious, specialized and dedicated counsels

The customer will experience a significant reduced price compared with the prices at the large law firms