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KLAR Hourly Rate

What is KLAR Hourly Rate?

The product KLAR Hourly Rate means that we charge the client for the time spent on the case. The product is relevant to types of cases. One in which it is difficult to predict the future direction of the case. Two in ongoing cases where we solve various tasks of mixed nature for the client.

What is new?

At the traditional law firms the price structure is often not visible, and the customer does not have the opportunity to follow the development of the expenses of the case.

At KLAR Law firm the customer gets within short intervals information about the time spent on the case. The customer can at any time via the online system follow the time consumption. This means that our customers do not get an unpleasant surprise when they receive the bill. The strategy of the case can at any time be adjusted in accordance with the customer’s budget.

See an example of our online access here.

Our promise

The customer will experience getting more quality counselling for his money

The customer will always experience to be in touch with the cost level

The customer will always know what kind of work is done in the case