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KLAR Fixed Price

KLAR law firm offers fixed and competitive prices when handling larger similar case portfolios or cases with a clear process. This is for the benefit of our customers and for us.

The customer gets sustained high and dedicated expertise to a reasonable price without surprises.

We receive a larger stack of similar cases which we can handle faster as we get conversant with the administrative procedures, the company and the employees. The cases will be compiled at fixed contact persons. This means that the contact person achieves valuable knowledge and that this knowledge can be used to its fullest. This makes it possible for us to offer a valued price on either the whole portfolio or a fixed price dependent on the type of the case.

This is for example relevant for the following type of cases:

  • Rental cases, rent adjustment cases, termination, removal statement, etc.
  • Property transactions, e.g. completion of transactions
  • Mergers and acquisitions, e.g. acquisitions of smaller companies      

  • Uniform domain name cases, e.g. typosquatting cases or other domain complaint cases

  • Uniform violations of intellectual property rights

  • Customs cases, i.e. the customs authorities confiscation of violating products
  • Hiring and sacking of employees
  • Preparation of sales and delivery terms

Our promise

The customer will experience a constant processing of similar cases

The customer does not need to waste time explaining the same issues from case to case

The customer will experience clear savings compared with similar processing at larger law firms